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When you are done struggling, and tired of going in repeated cycles, you will be ready to start actually achieving the results you want. Break that cycle, and achieve your results, get a team of industry experts on call when you need it. You'll also get to meet with like-minded individuals for peer support.

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If you ask yourself, is my team progressing, Is the business going to miss the target again, or what is happening? Then, you need a coaching mentor.

A coach works with you directly and provides alternate options, views, and choices so you can make leaps and bounds towards your goals. Coaches ensure that you're not alone anymore, fumbling and that you have an abundance of resources and tools available here.

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Our mission at Evolution Inc is to ELEVATE YOU, TEACH YOU GROWTH & MASTER STRATEGIES so you achieve your BIGGEST visions and gain BIGGER perpetual returns thought your life, not just with us. People will tend to exhaust themselves over and over again, repeating what they know, we will break this cycle for you. We give you won't give you incomplete resources to keep your business. People over-prepare, and under-deliver, then feel lost, and leave projects incomplete... We have a plan that teaches people how to get results.

Evolution Inc teaches you what you need to do, when, and how. We start you off from where you are at NOW, and what you want to achieve, no restarting! You can start to see results and start reaching that once 'impossible' goal. Sign up to get started. You will not look back after you learn how to master growth and change.

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Who is our founder? Jade, has a Master's in Marketing and Business Operations. She is also an Associate Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics (Behavioral Psychology) and a Certified Strategic Life and Business Coach. She has been helping individuals and businesses create breakthroughs and excel towards achievements for over 15 years. She has now opened up and is sharing all her success strategies with you to bridge the BIG GAP of 'How to' in today's business market which is holding back so many great businesses and entrepreneurs.

(1-hour consultation is $110, get a FREE mini strategy session at the below link.)

Jade S. Evolution Inc CMO
Jade Shaundell

What our clients are saying 'Testimonials'

There are not enough words that i can say to thank Jade. I was in a coma and since i woke up i wasn't sure about anything in my life, and after following her and working with her i am now okay again,.and everything makes sense to me now.

I can get back to life, and be okay. I am forever grateful!

"I hired Jade, to bring her design skills and project management expertise to the creation of my online site and business. I am so pleased to declare that Jade conducted herself with the utmost professionalism, demonstrating excellent service, creativity, and attention to the details. I enthusiastically recommend Jade to my associates or anyone else."

"She is my one source for creating my brand that is a trendsetter. I have completed my book and had gotten the inspiration needed to complete it from her, and I completed what i wanted too today."

~ Steve M.

~ Michelle M.

~ Gordon P. 

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